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Creating sustainable
solutions together

We are a premier brand engagement and design agency dedicated to creating sustainable solutions that make a positive impact.

Our passion for environmental stewardship drives us to help businesses and organisations build a brighter future through innovative brand strategies and purposeful design.

As a business we strongly believe in a circular economy and we are proud to be part of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Community.


Brand engagement

Milk has been successfully working with global brands since our 2010 launch, helping them to enhance their offering to create greater engagement with their customers. As a truly full service agency, our highly experienced team curate every aspect of a campaign from conception until completion.

From online and offline award-winning design and development, through to production, implementation and stock management – our services encompass everything you need to create campaigns that captivate your audience from start to finish. We specialise in digital marketing, brand strategy and web design – to deliver a truly modern solution for your business and your clients.


Throughout every project our goal is to create brand loyal customers, ultimately increasing customer retention and revenue. This is achieved through our targeted marketing, analytics, strategy and outstanding customer service.

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