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About us.

In 2010 a group of industry professionals having worked together for many years, had the inspiration to create their own dynamic brand agency. Milk was conceived to focus on delivering innovative design and results proven marketing solutions for our global client base.

Situated in the heart of the UK’s Northern creative beating heart, Milk’s HQ is in Manchester city centre, where ideas and originality have thrived for centuries.

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Our Ethos.

Inspiring future generations through sustainability, innovation, education and fun.

Our values.

Fun & Happiness

At Milk, we embrace a culture that values creativity, enthusiasm, and a sense of joy in everything we do.

We believe that by infusing fun and happiness into our designs, we can create innovative and captivating solutions that resonate with our clients and their audiences. Our team's passion ensures that our clients not only receive outstanding results, but also enjoy the experience.


Collaboration and open communication are fundamental to our success at Milk.

We foster an environment that encourages the sharing of ideas, expertise, and knowledge. We work to enhance our collective creativity and problem solving capabilities. We collaborate closely with our clients, forming a true partnership where their goals and visions are understood and integrated into our designs.


We firmly believe in the power of kindness to make a lasting impact.

Our team embodies a culture of support and inclusivity, creating an atmosphere where clients feel understood, valued, and cared for. Beyond our client relationships, we actively seek opportunities to give back to our communities, making a positive difference through acts of kindness and service.

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