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Bovis Homes

Bovis Homes, a distinguished brand under the Vistry Group umbrella, is synonymous with crafting well-built residences tailored for modern living, spanning from cosy apartments to spacious six-bedroom family homes. Since our collaboration began, Milk has been a constant support to Bovis's sales and marketing teams, offering innovative solutions every step of the way.

Utilising our extensive property expertise, Milk aids in guiding new housing developments from conception to fruition. Whether it's establishing brand identities, creating captivating CGIs, or producing printed brochureware, Milk is there to ensure every aspect of marketing is finely tuned to resonate with potential buyers.


In addition to crafting marketing assets and creative campaigns, we diligently assess the efficacy of our efforts, continually refining our approach in collaboration with Bovis Homes to yield optimal results.


Bovis Homes say:

"Milk's dedication to innovation and attention to detail have truly elevated our marketing strategies, bringing fresh perspectives to the table."

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